Detailed. By Tanana Takite.



Photos taken during walks and trips created this lovely calendar by Flora Douville.


Beautiful felted adornments by A Alicia Accessories. I’m dying for that necklace!


Oh geez! These handmade bobbins by Alleluja are so cute! And, look at the little baby cat bobbin, awe!

“This is a cute cat spool bobbin. I made this from the porcelain soil. I used pale green color glaze which is my favorite. After baking it in kiln, I stuffed raw wool in it’s head using needle felting technique. You can use it to store short ribbons, strings, laces or yarns. ” ~Alleluja


Delicious confections from Fortune Cookie Café.


Woody and Lima need these dinosaur tees by Minou Pitou!

{Don’t be fooled by that gentle look Woody is giving. He is a wild man. And, that picture of Lima cracks me up. I let her go outside and two minutes later she came to the back door looking like a swamp creature. What a little lady.}


Adorable Korean post-its from Wendy Story. I think I am going to have to get the kitties.

She also has tons of other irresistible stationary supplies like stickers, ink pads, tape and rubber stamps. Every thing is just so cute!


Pretty paper tags, flowers, and boxes from The Gilded Bee.

This is the cutest! All the little pjs!



Breathtaking photos of Africa by K. Hurley.

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