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A year of dreamy photos! Polaroid calendar by Alicia Bock.

I have been so busy lately. I apologize if you have stoped by and noticed I have not been updating. But, I promise I’ll jump back on my blogging horse soon… just as everything settles with opening the shop!



Photos taken during walks and trips created this lovely calendar by Flora Douville.



Breathtaking photos of Africa by K. Hurley.






Love the art direction, public art, objects, and prints by Joanna Bean.


I just love animal photography! Whitetail doe and fawn greet with a morning kiss by Nature is Art. Do you see the spider web with dew?

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• I’ve had a brownie craving for hours. Oh no! A commercial for perfect brownie just came on! Torture!
• There is a little dimple in the couch where I have sat since 6pm working on a secret.
• I have watched a full cycle of HGTV. You know when you are watching a station and all the episodes start over? That happened to me hours ago!

If you are awake too, I hope your Saturday night (and now Sunday morning) is as exhilarating!



{flickr friday} Penelope Waits. As I was going through her flickr stream, I loved Essie’s tea cup collection. Then I came across the broken cups. Was that a prop? What happened? Something awful? Quick to find an answer, I headed over to her blog. Something awful did happen. A leak in the roof caused the ceiling to come crashing down on her glorious collection. And, although I feel just sick for her loss, scattered in pieces, she did manage to take a poignant photo that is pretty in the saddest way. So sorry, Essie.

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I was very excited when the Polaroid backing for my Holga finally arrived in the mail this week. Forty-five minutes later I had a Holgaroid. One hour later, I had two completely black photos. One day later, I was emailing my boyfriend’s sister (who’s a photographer) about the $4 I just wasted on two black photos. What am I doing wrong? Did I buy bad Polaroid film? Had the film not been stored correctly? Five minutes later she responded. “Did you take out the light guard?” Huh? …eh, Nooo.

And, although, I have figured out how to actually take a photo, I have yet to actually take a good photo.

Weekend goal – take a photo I’m not ashamed of. (I think I’m going to be busy).

Happy Friday, everyone!


These foggy, gray, and slightly eerie circus photos by photographer Katrine Rohrberg are hauntingly captivating. My favorite is the concession stand!

{And, if you like fashion photography, she has some extremely beautiful photographs you’d enjoy.}





All the treasures and trinkets… clothes and hats… this and thats… from Hannah’s lovely life are so inspiring!


This mostly white room styled by Sofie Andersson is adorable. I love the animals hanging out overhead! And, the fluffy sheets looks so cozy… I don’t think I would be able to make myself get up in the mornings!

Star clusterhs-2006-17-c-large_web

A Perfect Storm of Turbulent Gases

The Crab Nebula
hs-2005-37-a-large_web“The Crab Nebula is a supernova remnant, all that remains of a tremendous stellar explosion. Observers in China and Japan recorded the supernova nearly 1,000 years ago, in 1054.”

Sitting here on my little couch in amazement and admiration as I click through the Hubble Space Telescope‘s photo gallery.

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