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YAY! The shop finally open! But, it is still very much a work in progress. There will be some layout changes (large and small) coming down the pipes soon, as well as some creative photography going up. I am also waiting on many new items from some very cool eco-designers to come in as well as have a oodles of vintage finds to add to the shop. Please, check back frequently!

Oh, and there will be a blog where I will be posting store updates, new arrivals, organic, vegan and/or vegetarian recipes, and eco-craft projects!

About the shop:

KIND is an eco-friendly boutique that believes in a lot of things. We believe we can change the world from our homes, that tiny changes can make huge and wonderful differences, and that the things we wear, fill our homes with, write on, use to beautify ourselves or give as gifts are a reflection of ourselves. But, above all we believe in kindness- to ourselves, to our neighbors, to the animals, and to the environment.

Our goal is that you come to our little shop and are inspired to join us in the life changing enjoyment of living consciously. And, we have a surprising mix of things to hopefully do that. Whether it be old, new, simple, embellished, humorous, silly, handmade, curiously tailored, or is constructed of odd bits and bobs one thing is for sure, the items we carry are the result of a passion, obsession, great finds, and great ideas.

So, whether you fall in love with one of our vintage treasures that we like to imagine have great stories, our carefully, hand selected finds in sustainable style by admire worthy designers, or our eco-cute home items, you can rest assured that not only will these items make you happy to wear, decorate your home with, or share, but they will, more importantly, be good for you, your friends and our future.

And, although our little shop is just getting started, and may go through frequent or drastic changes in the near future, we hope you check back often. We are constantly on the hunt for more in sustainable style and design and plan on restocking our online shelves daily.

KIND eco-friendly boutique
for living happy, living gently



Beautiful felted adornments by A Alicia Accessories. I’m dying for that necklace!


Adorable Korean post-its from Wendy Story. I think I am going to have to get the kitties.

She also has tons of other irresistible stationary supplies like stickers, ink pads, tape and rubber stamps. Every thing is just so cute!




Jewelry by Make Believe. My favorite is the black pin. Reminds me of a bonsai.


Alidra Alic‘s work, although not absolutely functional, is absolutely stunning. What an incredibly imaginative and wondrous mind!

“I work with themes of illusion and lack of function in order to awake my viewers curiosity and to show jewelry in new value contexts.”
~Alidra Alic




I love the curatorial approach Erie Basin’s shop owner, Russell Whitmore, uses to display his antique findings. The shop is filled with an assortment of eclectic discoveries ranging from art and  furniture to jewelry and obscure objects. From the photos (and the name!), the shop feels a little cryptic… which, is so intriguing. Next time I’m in New York, this place is a must. Until then, I will continue to admire the small but lovely collection of vintage jewelry online.


I have a pair of diamond, stud earrings I wear that I have not taken out in two years, literally. I don’t change them because, one, they are sentimental, and two, because of the sentimentality, I’m afraid I might misplace them if I take them out. But, these earrings by The Beside, are just so pretty and different, if I had them, I would definitely take out my old earrings… at least for a bit.


This is just the tip of the “happiness” iceberg, because all of the lovely pieces at Yellow Goat make me happy.

little pierrotYou zany, little pierrot, walking the tight rope around my clavicle… oh, how you amuse me.

{For more whimsical charms and a cute stormy cloud website intro, check out My Little Drama.}



… I just love these hand cut creations by Odette. Each piece starts as a conceptual sketch and is carefully etched into wax before being cast into metal. These darling necklaces along with other ambrosial adornments are also available here.

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