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Jackie posted these fantastic kitty cabins by Loyal Luxe on her blog and I just had to share too! Everyone who has a cat KNOWS cats love cardboard boxes! 


I love that you can color on them or jazz them up any way you choose! 


Later, I came across this cardboard cat house DIY on Martha Stewart. How perfect! The holidays are always filled with an abundance of cardboard boxes lying around. After a few easy steps (hopefully they’re easy), a little creative coloring and a few hanging kitty enticements you can create a fun place for your cat. Voila!

image source: Loyal Luxe & Martha Stewart kitty cabins
found on: Jackie Bos


Kwaito Masters from Grade 6!

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We’re having a sale over at KIND! And, read this post about Jada Lee, Nixxi’s designer, and her fall collection!


I know a book’s jacket is there to protect the book, but I always worry about the jacket. What’s going to protect the jacket?… Problem solved with these cute, artsy paper bag inspired book covers by Book City Jackets. Bonus! You can even doodle on them!


Ok! So, until I get KIND‘s blog up, I am just going to add some shop additions every once in a while here! Aren’t these items precious!

* Bittersweet Heels
* Sepia Bag
* Cotton Candy Purse
* Golden Slippers


I would have loved this growing up! Actually, I still love it. How fun would it be to make a fire in the fireplace, set up tent, and make s’mores in the livingroom?! FUN!

{Tent by Moozle Home}

This is the cutest! All the little pjs!

Love this photo! {image via FFFFound!}

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Oh my! It sure has been a while since my last post. (I apologize Mom and Dad, my faithful readers!) I got super side tracked with that BIG project I’ve been spending hours on end on as of late working on. I don’t mean be so cryptic… the reveal will come soon. But, this blog isn’t mainly about apologies. I really wanted to use it to say, “THANK YOU!”

As some of you may know, if you’ve kept up with the blog, I was planning on having an ice cream social under the starts for my birthday. I wanted friends, strands of lights, banners, pastel colors, and tons and tons of homemade ice cream. But, it’s been raining for days! If you are in the North Texas area, you know what I’m talking about. It seriously has not let up since Friday. At all. And, don’t get me wrong. I love this weather. It just isn’t conducive to outside activities. It really has been stay inside, wrap up in a blanket, sip tea, and read weather (which, is exactly what I did on Friday).

It is family tradition to eat together on our birthdays. We know not to, nor do we want to, plan anything else. Family-birthday-dinner is what I look forward to the most. So, when my dad called the day before my birthday to inquire about where I would like to dine, it was expected. I mentioned I really just wanted to have family over to their house for homemade ice cream. His reply, “I am not churning ice cream in the RAIN!” I laughed. Yeah that would be silly. I didn’t want daddy in the rain. Alright, lets go to dinner!

So, mom, dad, both grandmas, brother’s girlfriend (brother had to work), uncle Randy, and my boyfriend joined me our for a lovely dinner. After dinner we all met back at my parents house for coffee and desserts. When I walked into the kitchen I saw it! Immediately! There it was. A delicious, cold, surprise. VANILLA! HOMEMADE! ICE CREAM! Daddy DID make it! And, he didn’t even have to stand in the rain. He just said that to me to set this whole thing up. Oh silly Papa! I sure do love you. And, let me tell you. If love has a flavor, it’s homemade, vanilla, ice cream hand churned by your daddy. Thank you Daddy!

And, thank you Mommy for everything you do! You are always so supportive and have the best advice. And, you always send me the most encouraging little messages. I love them. And, I love you.

I also wanted to take this space to thank all my other wonderful friends and family members for all the birthday wishes, warm messages and gifts. Each year just gets better and better. Thank you! I had the best day!

Hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did!

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