So, I was checking out more of Essie’s blog, Penelope Waits, and came across these handmade coasters. Aren’t they adorable?! Once I find fabric as cute as hers, I’m going to sew some up. She says they only take about an hour… an easy, lovely weekend DIY project! I love those! Click here to get the complete set of directions.

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Little sights of love while eating a fish basket:

Out on the patio, at the table in front of mine was a couple dressed in matching head to toe denim outfits. This may sound awful to some, but it was actually really sweet. They were sitting on the same side of the table, snuggled up real close to each other just chatting away. It was like they were wrapped in a denim blanket. Where did one person begin and the other end?

Later, I noticed an elderly couple heading toward the door to leave. They were holding hands. As they neared the exit, the old man sped up to get the door for her. As he held the door wide open with one hand, he already had his empty arm outstretch toward her. His hand must of been just itching to snatch her up again.

I’m slightly leery to announce this, but I actually had a tear… or two. Which, is extremely embarrassing when you are sharing a picnic like table with complete strangers and you have to reach over to unravel a paper towel from the holder stationed in the middle to dry your eyes. What can I say, I’m a huge softy. It’s just that catching those little signs of love is so awesome.

Oh, and here’s a little scientific fact. Getting sad or choked up while eating isn’t good for digestion. Stops it in fact. That’s why I never watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition while eating.

Hope you are having a lovely Saturday!