{flickr friday} Penelope Waits. As I was going through her flickr stream, I loved Essie’s tea cup collection. Then I came across the broken cups. Was that a prop? What happened? Something awful? Quick to find an answer, I headed over to her blog. Something awful did happen. A leak in the roof caused the ceiling to come crashing down on her glorious collection. And, although I feel just sick for her loss, scattered in pieces, she did manage to take a poignant photo that is pretty in the saddest way. So sorry, Essie.

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I was very excited when the Polaroid backing for my Holga finally arrived in the mail this week. Forty-five minutes later I had a Holgaroid. One hour later, I had two completely black photos. One day later, I was emailing my boyfriend’s sister (who’s a photographer) about the $4 I just wasted on two black photos. What am I doing wrong? Did I buy bad Polaroid film? Had the film not been stored correctly? Five minutes later she responded. “Did you take out the light guard?” Huh? …eh, Nooo.

And, although, I have figured out how to actually take a photo, I have yet to actually take a good photo.

Weekend goal – take a photo I’m not ashamed of. (I think I’m going to be busy).

Happy Friday, everyone!