I usually like to blog about the more happy material I come across. But, as I was driving to work this morning I heard some heart wrenching news on the radio. Five hundered fifty precious animals were seized from a Kaufman County puppy mill in Texas. Many of these animals had never lived outside of a cage and were forced to produce babies like a machine. I hear/read about these cruel realities much too often, and there are so many things we can do to help fight/prevent animal abuse, save/rescue lives, and give our silent friends a voice.

To find out more about raids and investigations, puppy mills, cruetly and lobbying for animals, check out this page on the ASPCA. They also have free downloadable desktop wallpaper (like the picture above, which is the one I have on my work computer).

For pet adoption, Petfinder, is an awesome place to start your search, as well as, learn about pet care, wellness, and behavior.

If you would like to give donations to the SPCA, go here. You can make a general donation or select a particular cause like “No Buddy Left Behind” or “One dog, One day.” Or, donate to your local SPCA or shelter directly… and it doesn’t have to be money.

Also, check out some of the cute, handy, and inspiring merchandise  on the SPCA sites to show your support. I want this mug and tee!

 One more thing! Here are just a few little statistics from the SPCA that prove making a small sacrifice in your life for only one week can make a huge change in an animals life. For the cost of:

  • Giving up your morning latte for only a week 5  shelter animals can get vaccinated
  • For the savings in gas you would have by taking a car pool, riding a bike or walking for a week 8 shelter animals could get spayed or neutered.
  • Bringing your lunch instead of going out for a single week 5 shelter animals could get microchiped

And please, please, add your own comments, links, advice, support… whatever!